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I have attended yoga classes and workshops with Janet, both group classes and one to ones, for more years than I would care to remember. Her extensive knowledge the history and application of the Viniyoga tradition is second to none. Her wealth of experience, positivity and caring attitude always make for a class which is uplifting, beneficial and a pleasure to attend. In over 20 years I have never once left a class without feeling better than when I arrived.
MA, London
Yoga and Mindfulness workshops with Janet and Jonathan are a total pleasure. I always leave with with a feeling of calm and enlivenment.
RL, London
As someone who struggles with depression, one of my main reasons for practicing yoga is to calm my mind. I always look forward to Janet’s half day courses, her full day courses and her weekend retreats as I know I am going to feel much better afterwards. In fact, I have just signed up for her yoga retreat in Italy. The type of yoga that Janet practices and teaches is tailored to the individual person and is therefore perfect for me. Janet herself is a very warm person who is always smiling and welcoming. I have met Jonathan on some of the courses and weekend retreats. My aim is to be as calm and focussed as he is!
HP, London
I have been practicing yoga with Janet for over 20 years now and can't imagine being taught by anyone else, it has become a way of life. Janet's calm assurance and positive energy have made this a great experience for me, and I hope for many more years to come. Being over 60 it is the perfect balance for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
PS, Clapham
Yoga has always been something I’ve never really liked and never been that keen to commit to but Janet’s classes have changed all that. She really has the knack of making it much more bearable and I’ve definitely noticed much more body and breath awareness since attending classes. My sleep and strength are both benefitting enormously. Thanks Janet!
Janet has been my yoga teacher, in classes and individual lessons, for fourteen years and more. Yoga with Janet is part of the reason I am still agile and flexible at 73!
My one to one yoga sessions with Janet have taken my practice to a deeper level and given me a better sense of myself.
RL, London
A very welcoming community. The yoga classes provide the perfect combination of mind and body practices.
DH, London
Janet's classes have been transformative for me physically and mentally. My body is more supple and when my mind feels overwhelmed by 'stuff', I know that the breathing techniques and postures I have learned from Janet have the power to reduce anxiety, bring calm and focus on the now. Some of my most relaxed times in the last 7 years have been during one of Janet's classes where her immensely talented skill and powerful delivery have allowed me to mentally unwind. In fact, Janet's brilliant one to one pre natal yoga sessions undoubtedly contributed to the home birth in water that I was so keen to have.
Janet's class is one of the fixed points in my week. It helps me with flexibility and keeping a positive attitude, and I really value that.
MS, London
Janet is always full of energy for her teaching and she is patient and encouraging. It is a pleasure to attend her classes. She gives clear instructions, suggesting modifications to suit all levels. Every class is different, following a definite theme each term that may focus on a part of the body, evolve from a sprirtual teaching and can also relate to the seasons. I always come away feeling more grounded, clear headed and energetic. My week is incomplete if I miss a class!
I attended Jonathan's mindfulness course in East Dulwich in May 2017. The mindfulness course was brilliant, it has made a massive continuous positive impact on my emotional & physical well- being. Jonathan's approach is inspiring and thoughtful. Janet's yoga within the course helped to deepen and my practice. Thank you!
Janet offers gorgeous yoga practices, always creative and responsive to where you are, and what's going on. Working with Janet is grounding as well as playful, and her wisdom and experience have helped me stay healthy and well, even in the face of challenge and stress.
JN, London
I’m still feeling the effects of our lovely week in Tuscany. It really was the best therapeutic holiday I’ve ever had.
HW, Kent
I’ve been having one-to-one yoga sessions for about 10 months and have noticed a huge difference in my overall wellbeing. Being in my twenties and having moved to London for work I have felt a bit stressed at times with long working hours and a busy social life with not much quiet time. The one-to-one sessions have helped me so much both mentally and physically and I get given a personalised practice that I can do regularly in my own time at home. Having a practice that is tailored to my personal needs has helped me in all aspects of my life, whether that's helping my body recover after running and improving my flexibility, or staying focused and dealing better with stressful situations.
Janet is a fantastic teacher. I have been her student since 2006 and attend both her group classes and 1:1 lessons to meet my individual needs. Over the years Janet supported me through various stages in my life - cancer treatment, my pregnancy, challenging times at work and most recently lower back problem. Each time she listened to my needs she put together lovely yoga practices that I found incredibly helpful. Meditation plays a big part in my everyday life and I attended courses that Jonathan teaches. They were brilliant. And my ultimate treat was yoga retreat in Italy run jointly by Janet and Jonathan. Absolutely loved it and enjoyed every minute of it. I feel very lucky to have both Janet and Jonathan in my life and look forward to continuing my yoga and meditation journey with them.
I was a relatively late recruit to yoga. Janet was really sympathetic and understanding. I have battled with severe bouts of clinical depression and Janet's classes have proved a very effective coping strategy. The possibility of having a 1:1 session has also been very helpful for me in establishing a manageable home practice.
SR, London
We have followed your courses for 11 years (me) and 6 years (George) and they bring us both great pleasure. The atmosphere is supportive and encouraging so that everyone can develop at their own pace. Yoga has become an important part of both our lives and we greatly appreciate (Janet's) your teaching.
AJ and GL, London
When my Yoga Teacher of 15 years left it was hard to find another to replace him - Janet was the perfect choice with her focus on both spiritual as well the physical aspects of yoga.
AF, London
I really enjoy attending Janet's class. She creates a warm and welcoming environment offering yoga practice to suit individual levels. It's always interesting to learn from her about the yoga teachings and I love how she uses chanting and pays close attention to the breathing.
CB, London
I have been doing Janet’s yoga classes for a couple of years now… she is a really great teacher and the the atmosphere in the class in relaxed and welcoming. I have learnt a great deal about how yoga and meditation can support the body and mind’s health and wellbeing. Though I have practiced yoga with other teachers over the years I have not always felt the classes were ‘right' for me, but at last I feel have found the prefect class for me!
CG, London
Janet's yoga is just right for me. The themed classes always seem to be just what is needed on any given day. I love that they build on the last practice so you can see progress but that they are also perfect for an all over stand alone practice. Janet brings such a light touch to her teaching that really embodies the message that ``Each of you is perfect the way you are ... and you can use a little improvement” (Shunryu Suzuki). Her humour coupled with her depth of experience ensures you feel in safe, down to earth hands.
SR, London
Jonathan is a well-spring of calm, and guides wonderful meditation practices with great gentleness and wisdom. He often also treats us to carefully selected poems to deepen our experience. He's inspired me many times with his words.
JN, London
I have been practising yoga with Janet for over 12 years. During that time, Janet and her yoga practice have helped me through two pregnancies and natural births as well as providing a constant space of peace, clarity and strength. With Janet's teaching, each class takes you further on your yoga journey through teaching, posture, breathing and chant.
LP, London
Janet’s class for people with learning disabilities and autism at Share Community gives people valuable respite from stress and the tools to help them manage anxiety. They love being more flexible and doing deep relaxation.
AM, London
Janet has taught me yoga 1-1 for ten years. She has accompanied me skilfully and supportively through all sorts of life changes and moves; now I live abroad we continue Skype lessons and meet live in London when we can. I can’t imagine having anyone else to guide my practice!
KS, Finland
I've been taking yoga classes with Janet since 1999. She is a thoughtful and inspirational teacher. She is conscious of individuals’ limitations and offers alternative movements so that it feels like a personal practice in a class setting.
ES, London
Janet has been my yoga teacher for the last 15 years. I have really valued Janet's approach to yoga which is somehow super conscientious and humorous at the same time. Janet's classes and retreats are clearly planned methodically, yet she's flexible enough to change and adapt as necessary. Her 1-2-1 tuition has literally changed my life. Gone are the back issues which plagued me forever and I've learned to remember to breathe! Without being lectured and with a lot of giggles along the way
HS, London
Janet is an inspirational yoga teacher and such a warm human being. She has turned me, a complete beginner, into a yoga devotee.
I have practiced yoga since the age of 15 (I’m nearly 60) and dabbled with various forms over the years until I joined Janet’s class 17 years ago. I have never left! She has made sense of yoga for me. It is both physical and spiritual and she combines both with real ease and joy. The weekly classes follow a theme for each term and have cumulatively helped me with my posture, breath control and anxiety. She is an excellent teacher and her classes are always inclusive and she helps us individually to adapt the postures depending on our physical ability.
I have been studying with Janet for over twenty years, initially in group classes but for over half that time through one to one lessons. Janet's sensitive attunement to my needs, during lessons and in the construction of personalised daily practice, has supported me through some difficult life events and provided a holding space to return to.